Deano’s Vlog 3

It’s Vlog time! Grab yourself a cuppa and join me as I share the before and after of my neuro-physiotherapy appointment, for Parkinson’s Disease.

Duet: Adagio

I recently learnt of an incredible musical talent; Lara Fabian. Lara is a Belgian-Canadian singer and recording artist. One of the songs she has become synonymous with is 'Adagio.' I have been connected with a wonderfully talented singer, named Rioger, on Smule singing site. Rioger invited me to join him in singing Adagio. I was... Continue Reading →

Something is Happening

Something is happening.That is becoming clear to me.Is it life shattering?For I’m just not how I should be. My writing seems so small.I find I’m cramping up a lot.I feel as though I’ll fall.Temperature control is shot. I can’t co-ordinate.So much crockery is broken.I stay awake so late.I’d sleep on, if not awoken.  I feel... Continue Reading →

Parkinson’s Window

I felt compelled to paint an eye; the eye of a person with Parkinson’s Disease. This is the window from which a person with Parkinson’s looks out and sees the beauty in the simple aspects of life. These are the things that the healthy will often overlook, because they don't have to sit and stop.... Continue Reading →

Duet: Impossible (German Version)

I had decided to contribute something back to the lovely friends I have made at, who connect with me from Germany. I picked the song 'Impossible' and then just gave it my best shot.From a Parkinson's perspective, singing in another language tests cognitive skills, speech skills, language skills and, when singing a faced paced... Continue Reading →

Duet: Barcelona

I had wanted to sing Barcelona for a long time but I just do not have the power to belt out a song in the way Freddie Mercury did and how could I ever sing the strong yet also delicate lines of Montserrat Caballe with my voice? Then, it occurred to me to 'flip it... Continue Reading →

Upgrade: Storage Heaven

It must have been at the end of the 1990's, when a brand new concept furniture store came to the area that we lived in. I'm speaking, of course, of Ikea. The entire shopping experience was new, let alone the myriad of simple, affordable Scandinavian products, furniture and homeware. In my late twenties, I was... Continue Reading →

Solo: Sweet Dreams

This iconic song, with the captivating melody, was so much fun to record. Technically, this is the template I recorded for a duet but I think it stands just as well as a solo, even though there are reduced lyrics as a consequence. What do you think? Take a look at the video. From a... Continue Reading →

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