Creative Juggling

“Juggling is an illusion…..In reality the balls are being caught and thrown in rapid succession….”


What are your creative priorities? How do you set them? Which artistic and creative projects do you want or need to achieve first? Are you like me; filled with a head full of ideas for creative projects and eager to get started on all of them? Or, are you more inclined to start one thing at a time and see it through to completion before the next project begins?

My take on this, is that I usually have between three and six projects on the go all at the same time. I prefer this, for my creativity is affected by my health. Parkinson’s Disease affects energy levels, mood, physical ability, cognitive functioning and stamina, to name but a few aspects affected. So, I need to have a variety of projects all in progress concurrently, so that I may pick among them, which to work on or, as is more usual, move between them over the course of my day. Being sat in one place, in one position and doing the same thing is not helpful to me.

I also find having a variety of things to work on, concurrent to each other, is stimulating for the mind and helps me to develop new ideas for yet more artistic endeavours. This is vital, in fact, for the worst thing would be to ‘dry up’ and find myself unable to conceive of a new project.

Do you keep a book or some form of log for your ideas? I really ought to start one. Mine are all in my head and so no doubt some of my ideas end up forgotten. I know of some artists who have been on project management courses and adhere to strict, time bound schedules and deadlines. I suspect that is more due to them being commercial artists than just a desire for order. I am not a commercial artist and so, as someone who does not sell my art, I simply work at my leisure.

Please do feel free to comment below and share some insight into your own way of juggling your creative projects.

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