I Scrapped This Artwork

I had started a painting which was going to be of The Beatles. It was an abstract and I throughly enjoyed the painting, to a point. My error, however, was creating this image on too small a canvas. When it came to painting the detail of the faces of ‘the fab four’, I just could not do it. Their faces were simply too small for me to create a decent likeness. So, I scrapped the artwork.

I intend to recreate this, or something like it, on a larger canvas. The purpose of this post is to show that sometimes we can get so far and then we may meet a difficulty. The choices are to carry on, and potentially create a work that is below the standard you know you are capable of, or to step back and stop. I believe that anyone who practices art must do their best and only their best; in order to maintain a sense of integrity.

It is a difficult decision that must be reached, either way. I decided upon the choice of stopping and scrapping the artwork. I feel better for that and I now feel a sense of wanting to try again on a larger canvas. I am pleased that this concept still motivates me and I will set out to paint the larger image in due course.

Here is my progress through this artwork, to the point at which I stopped.

Day 1.

Come back another day to see this painting progress.

Day 2.

I’ve been unwell, so had a little rest but now I am resuming. Here we go…

So, at the end of Day 2, I have reached this point….

My own design. Combining some images. Any ideas of who/what I am painting?

Day 3.

Progress thus far…

(c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

This is where I stopped.

Have you experienced a similar difficulty? What choices did you consider and what decision did you reach? Please feel free to comment in the space below.

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