Right Here, Once Upon a Time

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Sarah Kierkegaard.

While I am spending a little time, this evening, in singing practice and drawing models, I have been wondering about those who are artists today, whose work will go on to be revered by future generations. How does societal context impact upon your creativity, today? I mean, the art officionados of the future may well discover your work and have a view on how the era you lived in influenced and affected your work. What is happening in our world today, is precisely what will be referred to as our historical context, in years to come.

Some of the most high profile issues of the day are about climate change and the impact of global warming on our sea levels; to name but one single area of concern. We have the global pandemic; Covid-19 and the havoc and death it has brought to our world. There is the Black Lives Matter movement and we are still tentatively emerging from a major financial banking crisis which caused many communities to face the harsh reality of austerity measures by their Governments.

Then, we have issues that are closer to home in some ways; issues affecting our local geographical area, our local community or even the environment on our doorstep. What are the issues in your area and how do they affect or influence your creative style or content?

Do you make a point of representing the issues of today, within your artwork? Do you, conversely, avoid anything vaguely political, geo, eco, socio, financial or cultural? Do please feel free to comment and share something of how this subject affects you and your art/creative work. What you share may resonate with others and that could be helpful.

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