Parkinson’s and Pain

I’ve pretty much been laying down and coping with severe pain for around seven hours. It’s now after midnight and I have nausea feelings as well. This was an unfortunate turn in today’s events, for this started while at a friend’s house for dinner. I was hit by what I have been told by my former neurologist is dystonic pain. The cramping and the sudden rigidity and twisting of my muscles then causes tensions and head pain and we have a slippery slope, sometimes into migraine. It is exhausting and I’m feeling grumpy.

I had to pop on here to post a video that I just watched on YouTube by a Movement Disorder Specialist; a neurologist whose speciality is illnesses and diseases like Parkinson;s, which affect movement.

This presentation is a great explanation of pain and fatigue in Parkinson’s but also helps as a learning tool for how to prepare to take the isues of pain and fatigue to your neurologist for your review appointments.

I’ll say no more, as I need to go and lay down rather urgently. But, here is the video and I hope you find it as helpful and informative as I have. My thanks to everyone involved in making this presentation.

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