Solo: Don’t Break My Heart

I had a lot of fun making this video. I have always loved the song, by UB40. From a Parkinson’s perspective, this song aided my vocal therapy. I find that this song has a seemingly gentle rhythm but, from a singing perspective, the rhythm is a constant that, as I tired, felt like a relentless metronome!

This required a consistency throughout the song. To achieve that, required alertness. If I had become weaker toward the end, if I had gone into tuning or toning problems, then they would ‘stick out like a sore thumb’, in comparison to the rest of the song. I hope I managed to achieve a consistent presentation but the difficulty in achieving that is born out in my desire to laugh as I fought to maintain that consistency!

Likewise, the relentless rhythm required my best breathing controls to be in place. This aided my skills in tackling the symptoms of Parkinson’s; particularly where choking is concerned. Irrespective of all of this, I simply hope you enjoy this song, for it is one that has always been a favourite of mine.

To view the music video, please select the following link:

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