Wet Nature

I was delighted by this image. The sunlight was in what we in Suffolk refer to as ‘golden light’ or ‘golden hour’; a time when the sun is starting to set and the light changes to a beautiful golden hue.

I had just watered the plants and that added a beautoful detail in the image.

You could use images like this for a writing practice exercise. Describe what you see, in detail. Describe the colours, the light, the shade, the clarity vs the blurriness. Describe the leaf, itself and then maybe imagine where the leaf is. Write about the location you imagine and wat is happening there. This is where your imagination can really take off.

Using digital art technology can be a great way to explore nature. Sounds ironic? Take a look…

I believe that looking at nature, in new ways, actually helps you to discover more detaill. Why not give it a try and let me know how you get on, in the space below.

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