To this point, we had done nothing to our front garden, here at our cottage. The front lawn was simply kept tidy and I had been focused on what to do with the rear cottage garden. This was, however, the year for working on infrastructure in an even bigger way. Where the front garden was concerned, there was a massive lilac bush growing the length of the pathway from our driveway to our front door. This bush was actually starting to suffer, for it needed cutting and reshaping. Some of the branches were becoming weak and some had broken under their own weight.

The task at hand was to cut this huge bush by about two thirds and to give it the opportunity to grow anew. This would be a lot of work, for there would be a great deal of foliage to remove, once it had been cut down. My other half, Kevin, was working in horticulture and so he knew how best to approach this task but we both agreed that an extra pair of hands would be helpful, for I was having health difficulties. We both knew that I would struggle to lift and remove all of the garden waste on my own. This is where we gratefully accepted the kind offer of help from our dear friend, Sharon.

Thankfully, we were not limited to binning cutting only to fit a way too small, brown wheelie bin. The land beside our cottage is owned by our landlord; part of a 120 acre country estate that we are situated within. This meant that we could take much of what we cut down to the edge of the small woodland beside our cottage and that the estate manager would kindly take care of it.

This was a big task and took quite a number of hours but we all had a good chat and laugh, as we made progress. Here are some pictures from that day:

You know, looking back at these photos makes me see so well how far the gardens have come on, since we first moved in back in 2009. Even here, in 2013, the garden was in such early states of what we would go on to build and create. I love this concept of recording the development of things. I recommend it, to everyone.