Feathered Wreath

My dear friend, Tracy White, sent me a crafting gift, last year, during the long lockdown we experienced due to the shock onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic. This was a lovely gift to receive. I had wanted to learn how to make a Christmas wreath and so Tracy sent me a kit for making one, for my Birthday.

The kit included a ribbon, the wreath frame, natural pine cones, some berry decorations, wires and clips and, unexpectedly, peacock feathers. The feathers may or may not be real, but they feel and look real. I actually had some pine cones that were from a Christmas decoration set and which were painted white with some gold in some of the pine cone tips. I decided to add these. I also had some twigs that I had painted silver, left over from our decorations in another year and I decided to add those as well.

The idea is that you form the wreath but that you go out and collect extra bits from the woodland to add to it. My additions were of the woodland but had come from previous years Christmas decorations and these worked well.

It took about half an hour to forty minutes to put the wreath together and I was delighted with the outcome. Here’s a photo of the completed project:

I enjoyed this crafting project and I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys crafting. In fact, I never took the wreath down! It is still up in our hall and perhaps may last for another year before it will need to be taken down.

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