Duet: Can’t Help Falling in Love

I was surprised, today, to discover that an official ‘Smule.com Ambassador’ had sent me an invitation to join her for a duet. I never expected to be on the list of any of the official team at Smule.com

I was delighted to find that the duet choice was ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’, a song that I have known as Elvis Presley’s but which has been sung by so many people now that I am not certain of the original singer’s identity. Nonetheless, this is not about copying or imitating and so I would be putting my own ‘stamp’ on this song by singing it my own way.

The Smule Ambassador is known on Smule s Hardy Flavor, which could be her actual name, but I suspect it may be a pseudonym for her, on the Smule.com site. Irrespective, her voice is utterly beautiful and mesmerising. It was a joy to form a duet and the song is one of my favourites.

This song, in our rendition, is sung with gentleness, clarity and depth. From a Parkinson’s perspective, this challenged me. Gently voiced, melodic songs are far harder than the ‘belt them out loudly’ type, I find. They require greater breathing control, more concentration around timings and they also command a level of intimacy that is different to when singing the loud and more boisterous songs.

This level of control is a superb skill to develop, for with it comes self-confidence, authenticity and something of a touch of bravery; for there is nowhere to hide. Here, the vocals are open and available. There is no room to hide. In some ways this mimics the reality of living with Parkinson’s. While many symptoms are hidden, the disease itself is most apparent and cannot be moved to the covert.

I hope you enjoy the video, which you can access at the following link:


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