Duet: Fix You

Singing with Lou.

I was joined by Lou, for the cover of ‘Fix You’ by one of the greatest bands ever; Coldplay. I would recommend that you check out Coldplay singing this live at their concert in Sao Paolo. You’ll find their video at You Tube. That performance is truly one of the best of any band, ever. it is outstanding.

This song touched me deeply and I always enjoy creating the opportunity to sing it as a duet, so i was delighted when Lou joined my recording. Her voice is so sensitive and gentle and that really is what this song is; a statement about the beauty and sensitivity of humanity.

From a Parkinson’s perspective, I find this song pushes me to extend my voice one minute and then to soften it considerably, the next. That requires dexterity in the voice and yet also a consistency. This helps me in my daily speaking and also the breathing techniques that I have to employ to sing this song remind me that no matter what the difficulty, perseverance and humility are great character traits with which to approach all of the challenges in life.

I hope you enjoy the music video and my thanks to Lou Walker for joining me. You will find the video at the following link:


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