Duet: Nights in White Satin

Singing With Franziska.

My thanks to Franziska, for joining me in singing this stunning song by ‘The Moody Blues.’ My, what a truly stunning voice this young woman has. It is such a privilege when anyone chooses to join one of my recordings, to duet with. I was awestruck by the talent shown here. Franziska has shown sensitivity in her singing and I love what, to me, is an ethereal and haunting quality to her voice.

From a Parkinson’s Perspective, this song is challenging for me, as it requires considerable strength of voice but, in fact, that is the most helpful form of therapy for my effort to combat the impact Parkinson’s has upon my vocals. When I can really hammer out a tune, it somehow helps me recover my vocal ability in both speech and song. I’m assuming this is akin to exercising any part of the body that requires therapy? If you know more about the science here, please do comment below. I would be most interested to understand what I am doing and how it is proving to be helpful; from a scientific viewpoint.

Please select the following link to view the music video:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. brendainoh1952@gmail.com says:

    Awesome!! Who is your singing partner? I always loved that song.


    1. Thank you so much for watching/listening and for commenting. I love this song, too. My singing partner , in this song is currently known as #RainbowWave. She had the most stunning voice. Amazing new talent.


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