Duet: Skyfall

Singing With Vera.

Vera threw me into a state of awe, from the first moment I heard her sing. She is incredibly talented and her voice is so pure. I only hope that many people get to hear her sing and I am delighted, and blessed, that she joined me for this song. My thanks to Vera, for joining me for this duet of a wonderful song by Adele.

I love to sing this amazing song. It has many links to my childhood at Pinewood Studios for the making of the James Bond films that my dad was in. I feel like I am doing something that connects me to him, when I sing this.

From a Parkinson’s perspective, this song pushes me to cover lengthy notes; so I have to manage my breathing, my vocal control and I have to move between the gentle and the strong sometimes rapidly. Adele created a little bit of magic, when she brought this song to us all. I hope you all enjoy mine and Vera’s performance.

Please select the following link, to view the music video:


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