Duet: Summertime

Singing with #theonlyinfini.

This classic song, by George Gershwin, is etched in my mind from growing up with parents who loved music of this type and era. In fact, I too share that love.

In this video, I was joined by a young woman who has the most astonishing, sultry voice. I do not know her name. She uses the hashtag #theonlyinfini as her identifier. My thanks to her, for joining me in this duet.

From a Parkinson’s perspective, this song simply is great for getting me to emphasise power in the notes; particularly the deeper ones. The length of some of the notes adds to that. This skill helps with my daily life, in normal speech. Parkinson’s can weaken my voice and so this exercise helps me to maintain the power in my voice. The lower register tones, here, help me maintain the natural depth of my speaking voice.

Here is a link to the music video. I hope you enjoy it:


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