Duet: Slow, Acoustic Budapest

Singing with Kathryn.

George Ezra recently created a very ‘catchy’ song, entitled Budapest. Do check his music video out at You Tube. I decided to give this song a try when I came across a music video by a talented young singer on Smule,com karaoke site. Her name is Kathryn. My thanks to Kathryn for putting this version of the song out there. It was fun to join her for this duet.

Here, via the link below, you will find the music video of our duet. Duets can be tricky, for if you are the person joining a duet opportunity created by someone else, you have to try to fit your singing around that person and you have to create you own harmonies. I enjoy the way this feels like a ‘jamming’ session. I hope you enjoy it, too.

From a Parkinson’s perspective, this song pushed me to move a great deal between notes and ranges. I had to be as precise as I could be and I had to time myself well. All of these skills help me overcome the impact Parkinson’s Disease has upon my speech and vocal capacity.

Here’s the link:


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