Duet: Everybody Hurts

My thanks to Pamela for joining me for this song by R.E.M. I love Pamela’s smoky voice and her authenticity.

This is a beautiful song and not always an easy one to listen to, for it reminds us of withers our own lowest times or the despair felt by others. The strong message of hope and of the connection between all people is a powerful motivator and this song truly celebrates the best of humanity.

From a Parkinson’s perspective, this song requires the ability to convey desperate emotion and hopefulness and so I had to pick a day to record this when I had good control over my vocals. Pamela would agree, I know, that we each made an error or two but I feel strongly that this only adds to the humanity expressed within the song lyric itself. Never give up. Keep trying. Keep going. Hold on.


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