Duet: My Heart Will Go On

Singing with Rachan.

My thanks to Rachan for joining me for this beautiful Celine Dion song. What can one say about one of the most iconic motion picture soundtracks of all time? Hmmmmm, well I think the obvious is just how technically challenging this song is, to sing. The range required is not for the soft hearted! This is an emotional song, at the best of times, and when you add to it your own personal meaning, it can be difficult to get through the song without crying. Fortunately, I held it together.

Rachan has a strong and elegant voice and his contribution is a lovely addition to this duet. I was incredibly touched to see, towards the end of the video, his reactions to my voice as I hit the crescendo parts of the song. It is a joy to watch his response and to see, in action, how music touches us.

From a Parkinson’s perspective, this song is great vocal therapy! If I need a song that tests me in many ways and which demands that I really exercise my vocals, then this song is perfect. After singing this, my speaking voice is always stronger, deeper and richer. The process of singing this, is truly restorative.

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Singing with Jo.

This time, I am joined by Jo, who has a soprano voice. My thanks to Jo, for joining me for this duet. Jo has a purity of voice and she expresses emotion in her singing, beautifully. Jo takes the song to it’s fuller heights as she transcends across the song into the wonderful soprano crescendo that we have come to know of this song.

Please select the following link, to view the music video:


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