Solo: The Earth Song

Okay, let me offer a reminder that I am singing as voice and speech therapy; helping me to cope with symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease that affect my voice.

I offer this reminder, for I am about to reveal me singing a song which is great therapy for me to sing but which you may no doubt laugh at or berate me for! Intriguing?

Speech therapists, working with people with Parkinson’s, will often use a form of ‘loud voice’ therapy. This may be shouting or singing loudly. Michael Jackson’s iconic song, The Earth Song, demands great strength of voice and that is incredibly beneficial where my symptoms are concerned.

As the song reaches the crescendo, I have to step up and really ‘belt out’ my voice. This took practice and was far from easy.

So, I know I sound rubbish and cannot sing (if you are one who mocks, try singing it yourself!) but actually, from a Parkinson’s perspective, it is one of the best to sing.

I hope you enjoy the video, despite my lack of singing skill, which is in the link below. I cannot recommend this song highly enough as one that can help a person with Parkinson’s reclaim their weakened speaking voice, as a result of singing it.

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