Duet: Summer Wine

My thanks to Ursula, who joined me for this song; most well known as being sung by Nancy Sinatra.

I have to say that I was literally blown away by Ursula’s voice, when I first heard her. That she chose to sing with someone as unskilled in this art, as I, is beyond me. I shall just have to enjoy the privilege of sharing this beautiful song with her.

From a Parkinson’s perspective, my voice was strong on this day and so I was able to achieve depth, strength and consistency,

That said, my final two lines in the song were slightly raspy, as I had started to lose my voice by this point!

This is precisely what happens to me in speech, sometimes; thanks to Parkinson’s Disease. This is why I sing, for it reduces similar incidents considerably, when I practice singing.

Please take a listen. You will gain insight into the raspy consequence of being a person with Parkinson’s and you will also, more importantly, get to hear the astounding voice of Ursula.

Please select the following link to view the music video:


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