A Visit to Horncastle

While in Lincolnshire, last weekend, we took a trip to a beautiful market town called Horncastle. The sun was shining, it was a pretty hot summer’s day, given that we are two thirds into September.

Finding a parking space has been tricky but we happened upon one in a side street adjacent to a very clean and clear looking little brook that lay beside the Tesco supermarket. From there, we made our way the short distance along the bubbling brook, into the town centre.

I made use of the time that either my hubby, cousin or friend used to pop into one or two shops, to take a rest break from walking. We then made our way to the central market square.

I want to start my description of Horncastle, from the market square. The reason is because my first response to it was simply ‘wow.’ This little town had the most charming of market squares. I was struck by the relaxed pace of life; it felt like a French market town in that respect.

The buildings that lined the market were full of character and original features. Many shop fronts were old fashioned and they whole scene simply beckoned for me to explore it all with delighted eyes.

I was first met by the scene of people sitting out at tables enjoying each other’s company, along with whatever tasty treats they were eating and drinking. Brightening almost every street was the cheer of colourful bunting,

(c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

As I looked around, there was a lovely sense of green from trees and from market stall plants and flowers. This was juxtaposed against the cheerful, vivid red of traditional telephone boxes. The stage was set by the characterful cobbles that stretched out across the streets and walkways.

In the midst of the market, was a beautiful memorial. I don’t know the name of the memorial but it actually appeared very like the Eleanor Cross that stands at London’s Charing Cross Station forecourt; though smaller. If you know what this monument is, please do comment, below. Thanks.

(c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

The market, itself, sold flowers, plants, hats, rugs, food and all manner of things from the handy to the tourist-trap tacky. It was a fun and vibrant little hub and you could tell that local people loved it there; from the chat and the smiles and by simply people watching

We went on to explore a few antique and collectibles shops and to enjoy a very nice lunch.

If you enjoy photography, Horncastle is definitely a place to visit. In our few hours there, we barely scratched the surface of the town and so I would definitely return there.

I recommend you visit there and I would add that there was a pretty good amount of public seating, for those who may need occasional rest breaks.


  1. Horncastle is a beautiful Market Town, Your article has explained this little town wonderfully. I am so pleased you enjoyed your visit. Just to let you know the Monument is called the Stanhope Monument and its a Memorial to Edward Stanhope a local MP that did much for the town in the late 1800’s.


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