Painting: Evening Chat

Our friend, Tina, came to stay with us recently. One of the things we all enjoy is chatting until the small hours. Best of all, is to share time outside, at the garden table, in the warmer seasons. There, we gather by candle-light and enjoy the evenings as they gently turn into night.

I had taken a photo of Kevin, Tina and I, at the garden table. I decided this would be interesting to try to depict as a painting.

Here is the first step of my progress thus far:

(c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

As ever, I am painting with acrylics on canvas. One aspect that I am experimenting with is how to depict light. You will note that I have painted the light itself, shining across areas of the scene. This is a new style for me.

I have a LOT more to do with this, before it is even close to being finished. There are still many features that need to be added.

Of greatest priority is to next revise the proportions of the three characters and then the faces of the three. For some reason, they have come out too much like cartoons or caricatures! I have no idea how I managed that but it needs to be rectified!

I will paint some more over the coming week, so please do pop back to check on my progress, which I will update in this post.

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