Duet: Don’t Break My Heart

I recall in my teens how I was a huge fan of UB40. Their song, ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ was one of my favourites and it remains so until this day. I decided to record this. It was a joy to sing and, while I sang it, memories of so many great parties from my younger years came flooding back.

From a Parkinson’s perspective, this song requires a strength and tone that must be maintained at the same levels throughout the song. Consistency would be the key and this is such a challenging part of singing, for me.

Parkinson’s can cause my vocal chords to ‘jump’ and so I may suddenly leap to a note which is not part of the tune. Sometimes, I can mask this or use speed to leave it behind quickly but there are times when it is just so audible that it destroys the melody. My task would be to exert enough control that I may prevent my vocal chord from jumping around. It took considerable concentration, which actually comes across in what looks like a rather awkward performance, but as long as I got the right sounds out, I was happy.

I was delighted to be joined by a singer who uses the name #AustinB1975 and his voice was perfect for the song. I loved his energy and he clearly loved the song. Together, I think we created something that worked pretty well. I am pleased with it and the techniques I had to employ to sing with the control I needed, helped me tio maintain my speaking voice well over following days.

Please select the following link, to view the music video:


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