Duet: Don’t Tell Me

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Madonna. The more time goes by, the more I see just how influential she has been to music. I have loved experiencing her whole career and watching her become the most astounding creative artist. Each of her songs brings something different and gives the listener, or music video viewer, something new. She has pushed boundaries where people did not even know boundaries could be pushed and she exemplifies creativity.

Well, one of my favourite of her songs is ‘Don’t Tell Me.’ This is, as we have come to expect, rich in lyric and very ‘catchy’; one of those tunes that stays with you.

I loved singing this. From a Parkinson’s perspective, my challenge was to sing from my lower register and to hold that. I believe I have done so, although keeping up with the correct speed of breathing was a little tough at times.

One of the challenges with Parkinson’s is the cognitive function can be impaired. I was aware of the lyrics but somehow I still managed to get a word wrong. Please forgive a lyric error that I made. I sang “Take the back off a crow”, when this should have been “Take the black off a crow.” I was mortified to have made this error but I did not believe that I could sing the song as well, had I have attempted it again that day. So, I decided to simply let the error rest and remain. Well, I kind of like how leaving an obvious error just makes the performance so much more human. I am flawed and so is my rendition and frankly it still kind of worked.

To my joy, I was joined by a man who has the most angelic singing voice. he uses the identifier #Rioger1972 at Smule. I urge you to listen to the following music video, for I know that you will share my wonder at #Rioger1972’s breathtakingly beautiful voice.

Here we go. Please select the following link to view the music video:


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