Valerie Cooper and Her Boots

My mum’s name was Valerie, though she was known as ‘Val’, to everyone who knew her. My mum sadly died in January 2020. This was unexpected and it was a shock. I miss her enormously.

I was just looking through my documents and found a copy of the eulogy I wrote for my mum’s funeral. Hers was an adventurous life and it would make a wonderful story. That said, the purpose of this post is to share with you a very funny anecdote from the eulogy that I wrote, which was read out by the Vicar.

Excerpt from the Eulogy:

“Val’s tenacity was legendary. Deano and Kevin would often treat themselves to a Christmas shopping day at Harrods. In 2003, Deano and Kevin bought Val a pair of boots she adored. She wore them constantly.

Within months, the boots had worn down. Frustrated, and armed only with a glass of wine and a cigarette, Val telephoned the office of Mohammed Al Fayed to complain. She phoned repeatedly; being finally escalated to Mohammed Al Fayed’s exasperated personal assistant.

After much wrangling the personal assistant announced that he had spoken directly with Mohammed Al Fayed and that a Harrod’s van would be sent to collect the boots, for repair. This duly took place. The iconic green and gold van arrived at Val’s front door and, with delight, she handed over her boots to the driver, himself in full Harrod’s livery.

Within the week, the same driver returned to Val’s house and he handed over to her the most beautifully restored boots in a sumptuous and elegant shoe box. They charged no fee. Val was soon delighted with her beautifully restored boots.

She soon telephoned a very surprised Deano, to let him know. Surprised? It was then that Deano revealed he and Kevin had, in fact, purchased Val’s boots from Debenhams!!”

Me, with Kevin and my mum in 2012.

I love this anecdote! It made me laugh at the time, it made me laugh at my mum’s funeral and it has continued to make me laugh over the almost two years since she passed away. These are the moments in life that we must treasure. These are the times which matter; for they are all about pure joy.

Deano Parsons.

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