Duet: Woman in Chains

Marie joined me for this most beautiful, powerfully charged song by ‘Tears for Fears.’ We both agree that this song holds great meaning for us. I am a man who feels shame about how my fellow men have wielded power over women.

I chose to record the part that had originally been sung by Oleta Adams; the female part. When Marie joined the song and sang the part sung by Roland Orzabal, of Tears for Fears, I feel that this created a new depth to the song. Technically, there is no gender split in the lyrics but just the way the song felt, by changing in this way, impacted upon my sense of the lyrics. Marie sang the main narrative with such heartfelt emotion. It is stunning.

As I was singing, I thought about and pictured memories of my mum experiencing domestic violence. I pictured women who have been enslaved/trafficked and I pictured friends who have been subjected to domestic abuse. All of these, perpetrated by men. I had to work hard not to cry; holding back my tears at the end of the song.

From a Parkinson’s perspective, I did my best to remain still. I have a need to move; Parkinson’s wants me to twitch, move or spasm at times and so remaining still, to reflect the seriousness of the lyric; akin to reciting a powerful poem, was important to me and was my main challenge. Parkinson’s is not a friend of the performance artist.

I hope you connect with the depth of feeling Marie and I experienced. Please select the link below, to see our music video:


Thank you, Marie, for your amazing participation in this piece.

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