Duet: Let It Be

I was delighted to join fellow songer at Smule, Laurie (aka #RedHeadHarmGirl) earlier this evening. Laurie had sang her part of a duet version of ‘Let It Be’, by Paul McCartney and The Beatles. My thanks to Laurie, for creating this opportunity.

This most beautiful song has always meant a lot to me. It’s one of those whose lyric and melody simply touch one’s soul. I can tell, from Laurie’s performance, that it means a lot to her, as well. From a Parkinson’s perspective, I was challenged by the song. I was experiencing the symptom of dry mouth and so my instances of choking had increased. I had to change key a couple of times throughout the recording and whenever I needed to access my higher register, the higher note quickly became a choking cough. I persevered. I achieved what I had intended to, after around seven or eight re-recordings!

I gave thought to the harmonies I created and I am of the opinion that they worked quite well, but you will have to be the judge of that. Please take a look at the music video and then please drop a line in the comments, below, to let me know what your thoughts are of this recording.

I hope you enjoy this…


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