Meeting In-Person for the First Time

In 2018 I co-founded, with my friend Tracy White, a Facebook based support group entitled ‘Parkinson’s Road.’ This was to be a support group for people with Parkinson’s Disease and those close to them; such as loved ones and carer’s. With us, as a small team of people who were fellow ‘Admin’s’ of the group. Before we had time to blink, the group grew into a success and, as a team of people, we had the most profound experience in running this online community support group.

I will ever be deeply touched by the support we had, as the Admin Team (this term Admin means administrator but really the roles were that of support workers, in essence).

In 2018, the Admin Team; those of us in the team who were based in the UK, decided to meet up for lunch and a glass or three of something lovely; to meet in-person for the first time. This was daunting and exciting, as an idea but the reality was so much better; fun, sincere, kind and just decent and lovely.

I recorded a short video about the day. It’s in the following link.

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