Solo: This is a Man’s World

I despise mysogeny. So, it did not come easily for me to sing this song, most famously by James Brown. I actually love the song; the performance of James Brown is stunning and the melody is of a particular time and era. The lyrics are of their time, too. In all honesty, they are a truthful piece of evidence about how men have typically viewed the world as ‘the man’s world.’ In that, I find the lyrics are honest and they evidence the mysogeny that pervades society.

What are your thoughts on this song; the music, the lyrics and what about historical context?

Please select the following link, to view the music video:

Oh, and as ever, you are most welcome to offer feedback on my performance.

From a Parkinson’s perspective, my voice is stronger right now. I’m singing three or four songs per day and this has helped me maintain strength of voice.

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