Earlier this week, I reached a point where Parkinson’s was really getting to me. I felt utterly exhausted from the relentless assault on my body. Everything felt difficult. Insomnia was prevalent. Mobility was worsening. Twitches and spasms were increasing. Pain was beyond words and frankly I was rather bewildered by it all.

I was not in low mood. I felt as motivated as ever and I am not unhappy in the slightest. I just felt this sense of Parkinson’s overwhelming me and, with that, a sense of solitude; for this is a lonely journey, no matter the support of loved ones or connections with others who have Parkinson’s.

When I thought of solitude, I was reminded of ‘The Fortress of Solitude’; the home of Superman. Having grown up with a father who was in the Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve and having been on set myself during their production, I recalled the way the Fortress of Solitude was depicted in the film.

This inspired me to paint my own ‘Fortress of Solitude’ within my painting that I entitled ‘Solitude.’ This dark and relentless place that I find myself within.

‘Solitude.’ (c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

Here is my painting; using acrylics on canvas. Let me know what you think when you see it, by commenting below.

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