One of the ways in which I cope with the symptoms of Parkinson’s, is to tend to my garden. Gardening is great therapy because it brings me in contact with the natural world, it gets me moving and stretching and it is also about creativity. You see, I started working on our garden from it being a completely empty, blank canvas, Over the years, I have been creating a wonderful sanctuary, not just for my own health needs, but to serve as habitat for wildlife. I do have a gardener who comes in and works on the things that Parkinson’s Disease makes too difficult for me; for which I am grateful.

Earlier this year, 2021, I added a pond into the scheme of the garden. This is only a small pond of about 4ft x 2 ft, but it has served to attract in much wildlife already. Not only that, but I simply find it restorative to site sit and watch the pond; which is now surrounded by planting that attracts in bees and many other insects. It is utterly therapeutic to enjoy this.

It made sense for me to try to depict an aspect of our garden and so, here, I have started with a section of the pond. This painting has taken days upon days and hours upon hours. It really has been a labour of love and, may not be to everyone’s taste, for me, it is filled with the imagery of the garden around the pond, as well as the pond itself. It is a painting filled with joy; hence the bright and rich density of colours and foliage.

I’ve reached a sense of satisfied, peaceful completion with this painting. I love the little Buddha; watching over the pond. What do you think? I could, perhaps, have sought to refine his face further, but there is something just charming about him, as he is.

‘Sanctuary.’ (c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

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