Enjoy Insomnia!

I’ve done well, in the last four or five nights. I changed my sleep regime to taking a sleeping pill at 10pm and being in bed by midnight. Then, I slept into the very small hours and would get up for an hour and head back to bed; usually by around 5am. Then, I would sleep until around 9am.

Allowing for a pattern of sleep that had a break in the midst of it worked. Yesterday, I actually felt very good and, consequently, got very many tasks completed throughout my day and evening.

Alas, at almost 5am this morning, I can confirm that I have yet to achieve any sleep at all. It’s just one of those days when Parkinson’s gets the upper hand.

Now, I could choose to be stressed by this. Frankly, this disrupts my day and my well-being significantly. I will feel like I’ve been dragged behind a horse and I will no doubt look that way. Any plans, albeit that I only pencil anything in these days, are now ‘out the window’; so to speak. Yet, I decided to do this insomnia in a way that would cheer me.

I felt a little hungry for breakfast, even at this small hours of 4am. So, I crept downstairs and had a look to see what I might find to eat. Lo and behold, there were some wonderful, chunky cod fish fingers. That was it! I would have a half sized fish finger sandwich. So what if it was just past 4am?!

Parkinson’s can be quite a miserable and uncomfortable experience, so I decided that I would make my difficult time more cheerful. Oh boy……it was deliciously so.

Soft white bread baked through with poppy seeds, a creamy mayonnaise and some jalopeno peppers. I added the decadent twist of cracked black peppercorns and, unusually for me, a sprinkling of sea salt crystals. Then, added to that were two big, chunky, breaded cod fish fingers and the result was pure delight.

After writing this post, I will stay up for the remaining fifty minutes of this hour and head to bed at 6am. I will spend my time working on a painting that I have just started. All the while, rather than stressing about insomnia, I am simply feeling satisfied by my most tasty snack.

If you can relate to any of this experience, please do share your story in the comments, below.


At just gone 7am, I’m finally going to bed to try to sleep. Still, I got this far with my painting:

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