Upgrade: Storage Heaven

It must have been at the end of the 1990’s, when a brand new concept furniture store came to the area that we lived in. I’m speaking, of course, of Ikea. The entire shopping experience was new, let alone the myriad of simple, affordable Scandinavian products, furniture and homeware. In my late twenties, I was just the demographic that the store seeemed to cater for and I was hooked. For me, it meant one simple thing; storage!

Innovative storage was in abundance at Ikea and it immediately became easy to find ways to create storage at home, even in the most unexpected ways and places. Honestly, it was revolutionary. I would add that Ikea seemed to also brighten up our former more traditionally dull British homes.

Ikea produced some boxes with drawers. These were made well but of inexpensive materials. Again, these simple storage boxes resolved a multitude of storage needs at home and so I bought a couple of the smaller type and, very kindly, my lovely cousin Julie bought me a larger floor-standing version.

I still have these, today. Something I have found is that Ikea, certainly back then, made things to last. (I have some Ikea ‘Billy’ bookshelves still and an expandable table and they are still in great condition and everyday use).

The boxes were uncoloured. Just simply a pale wooden product and so neutral; which was fine. More recently, now living a pretty long way from any Ikea store, for Suffolk does not have one, I purchased a very nice bed-spread from another store. This beautiful cover blanket is designed with autumn colours.

I felt that the colours enriched our bedroom and warmed up the chill gloom of autumn and winter; whose greys permeate our bedroom windows. It occurred to me that I could build upon this and expand that colour scheme. Our walls are a soft green and our carpet a simple, neutral warm beige. I thought that taking these autumn colours further into our bedroom would add warmth. I was right, it did precisely that.

How did I achieve that? Well, quite simply I chose some acrylic paint from my art stock and I painted that front of each drawer in the boxes. I chose colours that were similar to, though not the same as, the colour scheme of the bed-spread. I love the result and now the bedroom has the accent of the autumn colour scheme, to partner the gentle tones of the green and the warm beige.

This is what the boxes look like and you will see the bed-spread that inspired my decision to paint the boxes.

(c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

Have you taken inspiration from one thing in a room and then used that as a scheme to take the colours into other parts of your room? Please do share your experiences and ideas. Together we may inspire each other and fellow readers of this article.

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