Duet: Barcelona

I had wanted to sing Barcelona for a long time but I just do not have the power to belt out a song in the way Freddie Mercury did and how could I ever sing the strong yet also delicate lines of Montserrat Caballe with my voice? Then, it occurred to me to ‘flip it round’ and see whether I could make it work, if I sang the Montserrat Caballe part. Of course, not as a soprano. I have been told my voice is a tenor. I don’t know if this is correct?

So, this is what I did. Admittedly, there’s a limit to how well I can do with just three or four renditions of the song, prior to recording. So, I know it’s not great and there is one place where I wobble!

From a Parkinson’s perspective, this was tiring to sing and so I started to have difficulty maintaining the long breathing required for the strength and length of notes, in the last couple of lines.

Singing with Pixie:

…Hopefully that is hidden a little by the wonderful singing of Pixie, who is a representative from ‘Smule UK and Ireland’. Pixie joined my recording and it was a fun and vibrant addition.

Why not take a look at our music video, at the following link? Here it is:


Singing with John:

Take a look at the music video, for Barcelona, as sung by my friend John from Germany and I. German speaker, John, sings in English, while I am in the English/Spanish role as described above:


Singing with Pat:

Here, I sing with Pat from Germany. Pat, a German speaker, takes on the English role; famed by Freddie Mercury. Please watch our music video at:


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