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If you are a regular follower of this site, then you may recall that, in August this year, I was part of a group of six, who attended a pottery workshop/class? To recap, or perhaps to learn about this for the first time, please select the following link to my article from August:


Having learnt how to throw pots at the potters wheel, we have waited in anticipation of the final reveal of our creations. These had been ready to see and collect since September, but only now have we had chance to all meet up and share the reveal process together.

To do this, we decided to make an afternoon of it and share a wonderful lunch at a nearby Inn. We have been joined by a seventh group member; Tina and so she was interested to see what we had created. Tina will be joining us on future creative workshops/classes.

Well, we can be a rowdy bunch and we had a great laugh over a wonderful lunch. In keeping with our ‘tongue in cheek’ approach, I have put together another fun, short video to commemorate the occasion. An entirely silly video but an example of simply the joy of having a laugh with lovely friends who are all creative and potty! To view the video, please select the link below:

(c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

Here are the photos from the day:

Here, a closer look at my pots. I was pretty pleased with them:

Thank you for taking an interest in our potty adventures. Let’s see what the group decides to do next….

If you have made pottery, I would love to hear about your experience. Please feel free to comment, below.

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