Rainbow Pathway

I took these photos at beautiful Minsmere Nature Reserve, here in Suffolk. I then wanted to show a different version of them and so used digital art techniques to enhance them. You cannot beat the beauty of nature but it can be another way to experience the beauty of the natural world, to consider it…

Digital Dog

I recently took a photo of Digby, one of our dogs. He’s incredibly cute. I then added the photo to an app that specialises in digital creativity. The result was: ‘Digby, a Study in Digital Art.’ Have you used digital art apps to enhance or change a photo you have taken? How did it go?…

Migraine Depicted in Art

Through the course of my recent migraine, I took photos of myself in pain and then digitally enhanced these. Here are my completed pieces: and a video I made: I would just add that it is really bloody hard to make art while you have a migraine!

Dabbling with Digital

I like to play with digital art apps and explore new ways of presenting photos. Here, I’m toying with a Christmas design, featuring our dogs.

What a Nightmare!

“The last refuge of the insomniac is a sense of superiority to the sleeping world.” Leonard Cohen. Insomnia is my nemesis. In fact, REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder (RBD) is my nemesis and insomnia is a component part of RBD. Over the past few months, my sleep pattern has improved. My nightmares have become less frequent,…

Remains A Tree

I was driving and happened to find this stunning, dead, tree at the edge of a field I was about to pass. I managed to find somewhere to pull over and I took a photo of the tree. This is the photographic image. I later went into a digital editing app and used art effects…

Let’s Face It

The new way of being out in our new eased restrictions world.