Potty Potters Pots

If you are a regular follower of this site, then you may recall that, in August this year, I was part of a group of six, who attended a pottery workshop/class? To recap, or perhaps to learn about this for the first time, please select the following link to my article from August: https://wordpress.com/post/deanoparsons.art/4010Having learnt... Continue Reading →

Re-Potting Houseplants

Once or twice per year, I think it's important to review how houseplants are doing and, where necessary, re-pot them into larger or more suitable containers as they grow.In this video, you will be joining me as I take a few houseplants into the garden and re-pot them, after they had grown over the summer... Continue Reading →

Meeting In-Person for the First Time

In 2018 I co-founded, with my friend Tracy White, a Facebook based support group entitled 'Parkinson's Road.' This was to be a support group for people with Parkinson's Disease and those close to them; such as loved ones and carer's. With us, as a small team of people who were fellow 'Admin's' of the group.... Continue Reading →

What the Danish Tradition of Hygge Means to Me

“Happiness is quality time with friends and family. Incorporate Hygge to everyday life to guarantee it.”- Jessica Joelle Alexander. Hygge has become 'fashionable', here in the United kingdom. That is not to say that the public are not gradually becoming aware of this wonderful element of Scandinavian culture but it is more to say that,... Continue Reading →

Six Go Potty

Yesterday was fun. Kevin and I joined some friends and went to a local pottery class. Our facilitator, Nancy, was helpful, friendly and encouraging as she put to use her twenty-five years, or so, of practice. Nancy began by telling us a little about the history of pottery and then she set about getting us... Continue Reading →

Caught On Video: June 2021

I like to photograph or video record the various wildlife that comes to our garden; both into it and close to it. Just a couple of evenings ago, the most wonderful sight appeared in the field beside our cottage. It's rare that I have my camera handy to record these brief events, but on this... Continue Reading →

Migraine Depicted in Art

When dystonia hits my shoulder and then neck, it triggers me into a migraine. Dystonia is a symptom that comes with Parkinson’s Disease. Not all people with Parkinson’s experience dystonia, but it seems, anecdotally, that most do. Through the course of my recent migraine, I took photos of myself in pain and then digitally enhanced... Continue Reading →

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