Duet: Adagio

I recently learnt of an incredible musical talent; Lara Fabian. Lara is a Belgian-Canadian singer and recording artist. One of the songs she has become synonymous with is 'Adagio.' I have been connected with a wonderfully talented singer, named Rioger, on Smule singing site. Rioger invited me to join him in singing Adagio. I was... Continue Reading →

Duet: Barcelona

I had wanted to sing Barcelona for a long time but I just do not have the power to belt out a song in the way Freddie Mercury did and how could I ever sing the strong yet also delicate lines of Montserrat Caballe with my voice? Then, it occurred to me to 'flip it... Continue Reading →

Duet: Try

This powerful song, by Pink, offers a very catchy yet haunting melody and a stunning, evocative lyric. I can only sing this on days when my voice has achieved strength. Singing with Sandra Plottner: Here, my thanks go to Sandra Plottner for her most exceptional performance. What a talent, she is. Please select the following... Continue Reading →

Duet: Woman in Chains

Marie joined me for this most beautiful, powerfully charged song by ‘Tears for Fears.’ We both agree that this song holds great meaning for us. I am a man who feels shame about how my fellow men have wielded power over women. I chose to record the part that had originally been sung by Oleta... Continue Reading →

Duet: Human

This is not an easy song to sing but it is a delight to sing it. From a Parkinson’s perspective, Rag N bc anyone Man’s song requires a clear vocal; clipped, controlled and with good breathing. This took a little practice, but I got there. My thanks to Vivian, for joining me. Her performance was... Continue Reading →

Duet: Don’t Tell Me

It's no secret that I am a fan of Madonna. The more time goes by, the more I see just how influential she has been to music. I have loved experiencing her whole career and watching her become the most astounding creative artist. Each of her songs brings something different and gives the listener, or... Continue Reading →

Duet: Don’t Break My Heart

I recall in my teens how I was a huge fan of UB40. Their song, 'Don't Break My Heart' was one of my favourites and it remains so until this day. I decided to record this. It was a joy to sing and, while I sang it, memories of so many great parties from my... Continue Reading →

Duet: Summer Wine

My thanks to Ursula, who joined me for this song; most well known as being sung by Nancy Sinatra. I have to say that I was literally blown away by Ursula’s voice, when I first heard her. That she chose to sing with someone as unskilled in this art, as I, is beyond me. I... Continue Reading →

Duet: My Baby Just Cares for Me

Who doesn’t love this cheerful song, most famously sung by Nina Simone? Singing with Angela. My thanks to Angela, who joins me in the following music video. Angela has a stunning voice and she brings great contrast to my own, in this song. From a Parkinson’s perspective, I found this song easier but what was... Continue Reading →

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