The Dance of Light

Adding some coloured glass tea-light holders to any dull space will offer the opportunity for candle-light to perform a gently flickering dance. What better than to brighten your home with the warm glow of candle-light, whatever the season, on cosy evenings indoors, at home? The good news is that little glass dishes, bowls and vases…

Adding Colour at Home

There are many ways to add the vibrancy of colour. I feel that colour and light are something to consider together. Here, I’ve added tea light candle holders, in the form of colourful stars, to our kitchen window. They are cheerful, bright, fun and they add light, of an evening, with their twinkling candlelight.

Green Windows

Today, along with planting, outside, I have been re-potting the houseplants. Turn a window sil into an indoor garden. What would/do you plant on your window sil?

Not Stained Glass Windows

In the last year or two, I have developed a love for coloured glass. I have always loved stained glass windows and the effect that the coloured glass has upon light coming through, into a building. At home, however, living with stained glass windows would not work for us. First, the cottage is listed (historical…