Our Suffolk Cottage Garden, October 2021.

Autumn is coming to an end and the chill of winter is gently encroaching. Autumn is a beautiful time of year and, as the leaves fall, I reflect over how much joy the garden has been this year. Ahead, the very cold and dark winter awaits. We’ll be lucky to be indoors; snug and warm.... Continue Reading →

It’s Tail Drops Off!

I was delighted to discover a Slow Worm in the garden, this week. These little creatures are classed, I believe, as endangered and so knowing that they are existing safely in our cottage garden is great news. The whole ethos behind the garden is to encourage and attract in all forms of wildlife. It seems... Continue Reading →

Be Among Them

I recently decided to add a new flower bed to our cottage garden. This has taken me months, for I do just a little at a time so as not to antagonise the Parkinson’s Disease that I have. I'm one for wanting to be drawn into a garden. I like there to be little corners... Continue Reading →

Caught On Video: June 2021

I like to photograph or video record the various wildlife that comes to our garden; both into it and close to it. Just a couple of evenings ago, the most wonderful sight appeared in the field beside our cottage. It's rare that I have my camera handy to record these brief events, but on this... Continue Reading →

Perfect for Pots

"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." Greek Proverb. Whether you simply love the beauty of little sedum and succulents or whether you opt for them due to lack of available outdoors space, these beautiful little plants are perfect for pots. I chose a... Continue Reading →

Spring Gardening: May 2021

We’ve had a late spring. The weather through April was still incredibly cold and so early efforts to plant the garden resulted in frost killing many new bedding plants. At last, mid May has seen the advent of warmer weather and so I am again planting up pots and beds. I don’t do the heavier... Continue Reading →

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