Man Emerging

A lovely couple, locally, have a son who is a model. From a photo of him, I have sketched my own interpretation of the scene in which he was depicted. Do you indulge in sketching? Please do share your own sketching experiences, in the comments below.

Portrait Sketching Game

A fun way to get into the mode for sketching or, indeed, for portrait making, is to play a simple art game. Here is one that is fun and can be time limited to just a few minutes. You can do this on your own, but it is more fun with others in a group….

Sketching Doodle

I recently sketched a variety of subjects that were features in an art project. It was a bit like ‘doodling’, for these were from thought/memory rather than observation. It’s a useful exercise, to sketch from thought/memory. Have you ever tried?

Sketch Prepped

Always carry a sketch book with you. When something catches your eye, just whip out your pencil and / or paints and record what it was that caught your attention. Here, in this sketch from 2012 (where do the years go?) I wanted to record a sense of the movement and morion of the trees,…


Sketches of Sandown, on the beautiful Isle of Wight. 2020. I made these sketches on a visit with my amazing cousin, Ray, and his family. This was a special time for me and had just followed the death of my mother. Art is such a therapeutic way to channel grief into something constructive. Would you…