Solo: Sweet Dreams

This iconic song, with the captivating melody, was so much fun to record. Technically, this is the template I recorded for a duet but I think it stands just as well as a solo, even though there are reduced lyrics as a consequence. What do you think? Take a look at the video. From a... Continue Reading →

Solo: A Different Corner

I decided to try to sing the entire solo piece. This is such a beautiful song, by George Michael. From a Parkinson's perspective, this was all about moving from the softer to stronger tones, and back, as seemlessly as possible. The good news; a year ago I could not get through this without coughing and... Continue Reading →

Solo: Oh Holy Night

I know, it's a little early for a Christmas carol, but this is one that is new to me. I have heard it, but so rarely and I had even not known what it was called. I had never sung this until yesterday, when I recorded a duet. I then fell in love with this... Continue Reading →

Solo: This is a Man’s World

I despise mysogeny. So, it did not come easily for me to sing this song, most famously by James Brown. I actually love the song; the performance of James Brown is stunning and the melody is of a particular time and era. The lyrics are of their time, too. In all honesty, they are a... Continue Reading →

Solo: Mad World

I love this incredible song, by Tears for Fears and covered by a great many artists ever since. I decided that I would have a go at being creative and, instead of just singing, I would have a go at creating my own version of this song.This was something I would not write or practice,... Continue Reading →

Solo: Sweet Dreams

This song will ever be linked to the tragic, sudden death of singer Patsy Cline; who died in a plane crash one month after her version was released back in 1963. Written by Don Gibson, it has proven to stand the test of time and is a much loved and much recorded country song.I find... Continue Reading →

Solo: Die Another Day

I love this song, by Madonna. I feel it is one of her songs that was underrated. It is a very ‘catchy’ song with a strong techno vibe. It has an empowering lyric, which resonates with me. From a Parkinson’s perspective, this song was quite fast paced and challenged my breathing control. The techno style... Continue Reading →

Solo: Try

I decided to sing this stunning song, by Pink, because of the message of resilience and, of course, because it’s a great song. From a Parkinson’s perspective, it pushed me to considerable volume and it required of me a consistency in the strength of my voice. There is one part where I sing a note... Continue Reading →

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