Art, Elitism and Design

“Everything you can imagine, is real.”– PABLO PICASSO. I was chatting with a dear artist friend of mine, recently.  We were considering the subject of what art actually is?  If I ask you: “What is art?” How would you respond?  This may seem like a perfectly simple and straight-forward question but, surprisingly, it is perhaps... Continue Reading →

Money Monet Money

"Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants."- Epictetus. Sotheby's auction house are managing the sale of Monet's 'Le Bassin aux Nympheas.' This will take place in New York on May 12th, 2021. (Photo: The estimated sale price is expected to be around £29m, at auction. Yes, twenty-nine-MILLION-pounds! I wonder... Continue Reading →

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