My Bones May Explode!

I had recently started a medication called gabapentin. This was after having reported, to my new neurologist, that I had been experiencing a new symptom; a severe pain, largely through my shoulders, arms and hands. This has been a pain that stunned me, for it was unlike any I had known before. The only way... Continue Reading →

Migraine Depicted in Art

When dystonia hits my shoulder and then neck, it triggers me into a migraine. Dystonia is a symptom that comes with Parkinson’s Disease. Not all people with Parkinson’s experience dystonia, but it seems, anecdotally, that most do. Through the course of my recent migraine, I took photos of myself in pain and then digitally enhanced... Continue Reading →


I've awoken without a headache. Phew. It's been two or three days of severe pain in my head that has been almost unbearable, at times. As difficult as that has been, what many people, who do not experience migraines, will not know is that the recovery process is also gruelling and takes sometimes several days.... Continue Reading →

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