Parkinson’s Window

I felt compelled to paint an eye; the eye of a person with Parkinson’s Disease. This is the window from which a person with Parkinson’s looks out and sees the beauty in the simple aspects of life. These are the things that the healthy will often overlook, because they don't have to sit and stop.... Continue Reading →

Solo: Sweet Dreams

This iconic song, with the captivating melody, was so much fun to record. Technically, this is the template I recorded for a duet but I think it stands just as well as a solo, even though there are reduced lyrics as a consequence. What do you think? Take a look at the video. From a... Continue Reading →


When I first walked into a waiting room for my first post diagnosis meeting with my neurologist, I was struck by one thing. Very elderly, grey haired people. Nobody looked like me. Everyone was easily in their eighties and they were of grey hair, wizened faces and I simply stood out 'like a sore thumb'.Where... Continue Reading →


Earlier this week, I reached a point where Parkinson's was really getting to me. I felt utterly exhausted from the relentless assault on my body. Everything felt difficult. Insomnia was prevalent. Mobility was worsening. Twitches and spasms were increasing. Pain was beyond words and frankly I was rather bewildered by it all.I was not in... Continue Reading →


I painted the basis of this a couple of years ago and only this week returned to it, to finish it. I had been experiencing a renewed and relentless bout of insomnia and with the additional feelings and thoughts I had about that, my artwork had the added material that i needed for completing it.I... Continue Reading →

Solo: Oh Holy Night

I know, it's a little early for a Christmas carol, but this is one that is new to me. I have heard it, but so rarely and I had even not known what it was called. I had never sung this until yesterday, when I recorded a duet. I then fell in love with this... Continue Reading →

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

I took a photo of our ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongue’ plant, as I re-potted it. I was making a video for the ‘Home’ and ‘Lifestyle’ section of my web site. I then enhanced using a digital art app and created the following images: (c) Deano Parsons. 2021. Have you made art by digitally enhancing photos?

Duet: Try

This powerful song, by Pink, offers a very catchy yet haunting melody and a stunning, evocative lyric. I can only sing this on days when my voice has achieved strength. Singing with Sandra Plottner: Here, my thanks go to Sandra Plottner for her most exceptional performance. What a talent, she is. Please select the following... Continue Reading →

Solo: This is a Man’s World

I despise mysogeny. So, it did not come easily for me to sing this song, most famously by James Brown. I actually love the song; the performance of James Brown is stunning and the melody is of a particular time and era. The lyrics are of their time, too. In all honesty, they are a... Continue Reading →

Meeting In-Person for the First Time

In 2018 I co-founded, with my friend Tracy White, a Facebook based support group entitled 'Parkinson's Road.' This was to be a support group for people with Parkinson's Disease and those close to them; such as loved ones and carer's. With us, as a small team of people who were fellow 'Admin's' of the group.... Continue Reading →

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